CCN Facilitates the automation of Air Cargo Exports for Colombo

COLOMBO– CCN held a session to familiarize the industry stakeholders on the fundamentals of e-AWB and e-freight. The event witnessed a participation of more than 50 representatives from both airlines and forwarders.





The session was opened by Mr. Diren Hallock, the Chairman of SLFFA Cargo Services Ltd. He started the ball rolling by depicting the inception of e-freight in Colombo, its current development and how the industry should head to the next level in the near future.


Mr. Sanjeewa Rodrigo, Head of Cargo, Qatar Airways, and Mr. Roshan Cooray, Cargo Reservation, Qatar Airways, shared how the air freight industry is being simplified through e-freight and the progress made by Qatar Airways. Mr. Pubudu Prasanna, Cargo Supervisor, Sri Lankan Airlines, reiterated the challenges faced during the adoption of e-AWB at Colombo (CMB) and went into detail about the newly adopted “Single Process”.


Mr. Dilanka Galappatti, Manager, System Implementation, Dart Global Logistics, brought a freight forwarder’s perspective on e-freight, which included the benefits of electronic submissions. Mr. Malaka Yattigala and Ms. Umalka Perera from CCN CMB summarized the session by recapping the importance of e-AWB to e-freight and the crucial role that CCN plays in promoting the automation of the air freight industry in Colombo.


As a pioneer in e-freight, CCN CMB, plays a pivotal role in driving the industry to adopt e-AWB through collaboration with relevant stakeholders and authorities while facilitating unique industry requirements.


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