CCN joins IATA e-Freight Preferred Partner


Cargo Community Network (CCN), Asia-Pacific’s leading provider of internet portal services to the airfreight industry, has become a preferred partner in International Air Transport Association (IATA) global e-freight programme. IATA’s long term vision is for paperless e-freight and e-customs solutions to replace the air cargo industry’s current paper-based processes. The average shipment currently results in more than 30 documents being exchanged between various parties including, shippers, freight forwarders, handling agents, Import/export brokers and customs.


The IATA e-freight programme forms part of its strategic “Simplifying the Business” initiative, with the association committed to lead and support air cargo industry implementation, align stakeholders to a common goal and facilitate the delivery of vendor provided e-freight solutions. By joining the IATA e-freight Preferred Partner programme, CCN has proved that it is not only able to offer enabling technology for the global industry, but also demonstrated a consistent commitment to e-freight solutions that dramatically reduce complexity and paper-based processes.


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