CCN showcased solutions In Phnom Penh by holding seminar

PNH- CCN organized a seminar to introduce a variety of our solutions to the freight forwarders on 11th July 2018 at DARA Airport Hotel.


During the seminar, all participants were given a formal introduction to not only understand the simplicity of CCN’s web-based community platform but also the advantageous incentives they would receive once they digitalize their business nature in Cambodia.




CCN introducing our solutions and its benefits to the attendees



After the introduction, we started providing value added service by sharing innovative solutions in the sales, operation, customs compliance and data analytic which demonstrated a diversified proficiency in different segment of the industry.


Applications that are introduced during the seminar:


Sales and Quotations


·         CargoDeals (eMarketplace)


Ø  eMarketplace to facilitate the sourcing and procurement of logistics services

Ø  Convenient and secured payment collection

Ø  Mobility through smartphone apps

Ø  Greater shipment visibility

Ø  Manage your sales team, leads and customers online

Ø  Quality assurance through accreditation of service providers


·         Manage Rate


Ø  One stop solution for all your quotations and cost information

Ø  Time saving when managing your cost-quotation updates

Ø  Data accuracy when collaborating with your partners

Ø  Better use of existing man power by improving their efficiency through upgrading

Ø  Better returns on investment as well as improving the efficiency and cost on the existing processes




·         CCNhub


Ø  A one-stop portal for your air cargo operational needs

Ø  AWB stock management of multiple airlines

Ø  Access flight schedules of multiple airlines

Ø  Perform electronic booking of air cargo space on selected airline, with feature of auto-confirmation on smaller shipments (vary by airlines)

Ø  Submit electronic master AWB (FWB), and electronic consol manifest (FHL) for your shipments for customs manifest compliance

Ø  Track and trace global shipments


Customs Compliance


·         iCAS (Integrated Customs and Security)


Ø  Connect to different countries’ customs via a single platform

Ø  Auto-conversion of CIMP/XML messages from airlines/GHA into the required customs manifest format

Ø  Submit manifests and check the submission status online

Ø  Avoid late submission with proactive monitoring against flight schedules and manifest submission

Ø  Be notified of errors so amendments can be done in time to avoid customs penalties and shipment delays


Analytics & Performance


·         BPA (Business Performance Analytics)


Ø  Online & Real time statistics on your own performance

Ø  Compare industry tonnage data vs your own performance

Ø  Know your market share – by origin, destination and even commodity types

Ø  Find out market potential – for new market by origin, destination and commodity

Ø  Makes quicker and better decisions with data to back you up

Ø  Real-time data at your fingertips => Information on the fly





                                                                                    A group photo at the end of the day



Please contact us at if you are a forwarder in Phnom Penh and would like to sign up for your free trial CCNhub account. 


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