Srilankan Cargo And CCN Leverage On Synergy To Strengthen CCS Community In Sri Lanka

SRI LANKA - SriLankan Cargo has extended their participation with Cargo Community Network (CCN) to include Cargo Community Services (CCS) for the air cargo community in Sri Lanka. SriLankan Cargo provides avital gateway to South India via a global network of 62 destinations in 34 countries, supported by a fleet of 21 aircraft.
SriLankan Cargo has engaged CCN for a series of e-solutions since 2007 including customs connectivity for Indian Customs and EU Customs. The synergy from the close partnership is now translated to further the establishment of a CCS community in SriLanka. 
SriLankan Cargo will utilize CCN’s portal, CCNhub, to facilitate the exchange of critical cargo information with the freight forwarders in Sri Lanka. CCNhub is a secure, carrier neutral portal that offers a comprehensive range of services including e-allotment and free sales bookings, e-flight schedules, as well as online track and trace, for the airfreight community.
“We are convinced of the quality of CCN’s solution having engaged CCN for advance Customs manifest and we want our customers to also experience similar cost and efficiency benefits with the series of ecommerce services we will launch with CCN. We hope that with CCNhub, SriLankan Cargo together with our air cargo community can progress into an advanced era of e-cargo communication. ” said Mr. Ali Kamil, Senior Manager Cargo, SriLankan Cargo.
“We are delighted that SriLankan Cargo, the cargo arm of the national carrier SriLankan Airlines, is leading the air cargo community in Sri Lanka towards e-commerce and has chosen to partner CCN for this. We are excited to play a part in the advancement of the Sri Lankan air cargo industry with the establishment of CCNhub as the key cargo communication platform in Sri Lanka.” said, Mr. Teow Boon Ling, CEO, Cargo Community Network.

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