Integrated Customs and Security (iCAS)

Each shipment is faced with greater security requirements compared to even a few months ago and different countries differ in Customs prerequisites which changes with time.


Let us simplify the global customs requirements for you with our Integrated Customs and Security (iCAS) solution.


CCN allows airlines to comply with Customs requirements in more than 40 countries.




  • Eliminates duplicate data entry
  • Higher accuracy of data to avoid any delays and/or penalties
  • Enhances operating efficiency with lower operating and manpower costs
  • Improvement of service level to customers



  • Electronic submission of Custom messages
  • Conversion of FFM, FWB and FHL from airlines into Customs messages
  • Processes Customs messages and return replies from Customs
  • Web interface for airline users which includes Amendment, and Reporting Functions, etc
  • Dashboard that provides a bird’s eye view of Customs filing, with direct editing of Master / House details