Host to Host


With the advancement of Information Technology, it is not uncommon to find more and more freight forwarders having an in-house system to perform their operational tasks. CCN has leveraged on this and has developed host-to-host solutions, which allows the seamless transmission of information from freight forwarders, directly from their in-house systems, to CCN.

Our host-to-host gateway will not only automatically retrieve data from your in-house system meant for submission to the relevant parties but also make sure that the corresponding replies from the other parties are deposited back into your in house system as well.

Customization and implementation time frames are shortened, as there will only be minimal changes to the in-house system. This results in greater efficiency and savings in manpower and time.


  • Eliminates duplicate data entry
  • Higher accuracy of data
  • Greater Convenience
  • Savings in manpower resources


  • Automated File Submission & and Retrieval
  • Able to send/receive replies & and acknowledgements from different message types (FWB, FHL, CMD)
  • Monitor status through the Gateway Report at CCNhub