Business Performance Analytics

Business Performance Analytics offers you the comprehensive tonnage research and analysis you need to be on top of your business and airfreight trends.
Together with Insycn, a specialized Supply Chain Analytics firm, we are making available to you the latest analytics and visualization technologies to help you to discover insights around your business, as well as how the latest industry trends affect your business.


  • Provides premium analytics and basic benchmarking capabilities for your business.
  • Shows more detailed benchmarking capabilities that will keep you ahead in the airfreight industry.


  • Up-to-date export and import freight tonnage data
  • Analytics on total air freight tonnage and your company tonnage
  • Data breakdown by month, quarter year, country, city, airlines and commodity group
  • Analysis of your company's shippers, shipment, and average weight
  • Rolling time duration and trending capability
  • Latest visualization and analysis capability
  • Ability to perform simple forecasting for current month
  • Ability to define your company Dashboard