Manage Rates


A new generation application, which captures all kinds of rates, allowing users to create quotations and update received quotations as cost, while enjoying online collaboration among the different parties in the Air Cargo Community. The application will allow you to store different kinds of quotations in multiple languages and different currencies, while operating in your selected currency.



•    Prepare and send quotations based on the rates information stored
•    Receive and update rates from vendors as your cost
•    Create your selling rates
•    Maintenance of historical quotations
•    Copy quotation
•    Alerts when cost and quotations expire
•    Integrated with other applications for billing, invoice verification, reservations & front-end rating




•    One stop location for all your quotations and cost information
•    Time saving when managing your cost-quotation updates
•    Data accuracy when collaborating with your partners
•    Better use of existing man power by improving their efficiency through the upgrade
•    Affordably priced to have better returns on investment as well as improving the efficiency and cost on the existing processes