CCN has partnered with UOB bank to provide Pay byCard, a cost effective payment portal for the logistics industry in Singapore. Pay byCard eases the Billing and Payment cycle by catering for both instant and extended payment terms.




For any upfront or quick payment, utilise CCN’s Pay byCard portal to upload the invoice and CCN will notify your customer to make payment online using any credit card. This payment gateway enables companies to easily introduce e-Commerce to your business and simplifies the payment process at a reasonable fee.
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For more regular payments, Pay byCard uses a virtual corporate credit card that is issued by UOB. It manages your receivables with timely disbursement of funds from the bank, while allowing your customers to enjoy additional credit terms based on the bank’s credit card billing cycle. Eliminate worrying about late payments, eradicate chasing for payments which might strain relationship with customers, and reap better cash flow management.
For companies who have co-loading activities, you will be notified whenever the co-loaded shipment has departed. This will allow you to process the invoice earlier instead of having to wait for them to notify much later.

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