Verify Invoice


Verify Invoice is a time saving tool to perform the verification of airline invoices for every shipment.


Verify Invoice gives visibility on your air waybill payment amounts as soon as the FWB is sent.





•     AWBs are rated and all accounting details are presented to the Master Forwarder as soon as FWBs are sent to airlines, including those from their co-loaders.
•     Leverage on CCN’s rating engine, Manage Rates*, for all rate types: ad-hoc, blocked space, contract and TACT rates are included.
•     Option to integrate with forwarders’ in-house system.
•     EPIC invoices supported. Other invoice formats will be progressively introduced.




 •    Real-time visibility on payment information for all FWBs. Useful for monitoring upfront co-loader shipments.
•     Able to generate reports for any time period, lane, co-loader.
•     Able to bill co-loaders as soon as shipment departs.
•     Savings in time taken to reconcile invoices.