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April-June 2013


SINGAPORE – With the direction of the industry gearing towards a paperless environment, the Infocomm Development Authority (IDA) of Singapore and the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore (CAAS) has called for a collaboration to implement e-Freight@Singapore.

CCN gets accredited by the Infocomm Development Authority (IDA) and Civil Aviation Authority
of Singapore (CAAS) as the fourth consortia for eFreight@Singapore

Cargo Community Network (CCN), a pioneer in the development of air cargo community systems, has recently been appointed as one of the solutions provider to spearhead this initiative. Together with other major players of the industry, CCN will formulate the data exchange and inter-operability standards for e-Freight and ensure its efficient implementation and deployment.

With access to the most extensive network of forwarders and airlines in Singapore, CCN is well-positioned to offer a comprehensive e-Freight@Singapore solution through its CCNhub 2.0. Leveraging on its global connectivity, CCN will be able to provide seamless integration with different stakeholders in the airfreight industry, from shippers through forwarders to carriers, anywhere in the world.

CCNhub 2.0 is packed with the following features to enable you to achieve the objectives of e-Freight@Singapore.

Business Process Management
Manage workflow processes and documents between shippers and forwarders such as letter of instruction, commercial invoice, packing list, etc.

Electronic Document Management
Archive and share your documentation with shippers, forwarders, customs, airlines and consignees on our full-featured ePouch.

Messaging Gateway
Hassle-free interface to your in-house system; our messaging gateway to support your needs

Shipping Portal
Make use of our intuitive shipper portal to submit the relevant information.



SRI LANKA - SLFFA Cargo Services Ltd, the commercial arm of Sri Lanka Freight Forwarders’ Association (SLFFA), partners with Cargo Community Network (CCN) to launch CCNhub in Sri Lanka. The launch ceremony was held at the Auditorium of Ceylon Chamber of Commerce amidst a large gathering of the airline & freight forwarding industry.

CCNhub Launch at the Auditorium of Ceylon Chamber of Commerce

SLFFACS and CCN Team at the launch

At this launch ceremony SLFFA, SLFFA Cargo Services and CCN introduced CCNhub , a secure and carrier neutral portal that offers a comprehensive range of electronic cargo services to the Sri Lankan air cargo community. There will be cost savings for the industry as CCNhub offers freight forwarders an effective and efficient electronic way of making allotment and free sales bookings, review flight schedules, track and trace shipments, distribution of neutral air waybills, as well as e-invoicing and payment. The adoption of e-services to handle their daily cargo operations will raise the service standard of the cargo industry.

“We have chosen CCN as our partner because of its proven records in providing quality e-solutions for the cargo community. The introduction of CCNhub e-services is in line with our commitment to build a dynamic cargo industry that is equipped to meet the demands of our customers in this era of electronic trading.” said Mr Mohan Mohanadas, Chairman, SLFFA.

“We are glad to be part of the partnership to automate the cargo processes in Sri Lanka. The partnership is a step towards our vision of being a one-stop Freight centre that provides forwarding, customs, warehousing and ground handling services and now, electronic EDI data services. The provision of EDI cargo data exchange service allows us to continue to add value to the forwarding community in Sri Lanka.” said Mr Diren R. Hallock, Chairman, SLFFA Cargo Services.

“Sri Lanka has been a key market for CCN and our partnership with SLFFA and SLFFA Cargo Services is an extension of our commitment to the Sri Lankan community. SLFFA’s endorsement and SLFFA Cargo Service’s presence to provide support allows us to better serve the needs of the local cargo community. I am confident that together, we can bring the community to greater heights.” said Mr Teow Boon Ling, CEO, CCN.


PHILIPPINES - Cargo Data Exchange Center, Incorporated (CDEC) has partnered with Cargo Community Network (CCN) to strengthen Cargo Community Services (CCS) for the air cargo community in the Philippines.

CDEC is already implementing customs connectivity solution with CCN for the advance submission by airlines and agents of electronic cargo manifest to Philippine customs. While CCN has established local connectivity among airlines and agents in the Philippines when it launched its portal - CCNhub, in 2011, this partnership will see CDEC continue expanding the network by promoting the portal and providing local support.

CCNhub - a secure, carrier neutral portal, offers an comprehensive range of services including e-allotment and electronic bookings, e-flight schedules, e-AWB as well as online proactive track and trace, for the airfreight community. With the automation of these processes, customers will reap the benefits of improved efficiency and cost savings.

“CDEC started commercial operations in 1995 and its pioneering service offering to the Philippine air cargo community was an electronic gateway for electronic submission of cargo manifest information to customs in the Philippines’ premier airport (Ninoy Aquino International Airport). Our partnership with CCN will significantly boost the availability of cargo community service offerings that directly benefit the entire Philippine air cargo community,” said Mr. Leo Morada, Chief Executive Officer, CDEC.

“We are pleased to partner with CDEC to further strengthen our commitment and services in the Philippines. With the combination of CDEC’s strong local presence and our suite of quality solutions, we are confident of bringing the airfreight community to the forefront of technology to better meet the industry’s demands of e-business.” said Mr. Teow Boon Ling, Chief Executive Officer, CCN.



DOHA - The 7th IATA World Cargo Symposium (WCS) was held in Doha from 12-14 March, 2013. CCN is pleased to participate in the event in support of IATA and our customers in one of CCN’s key regions, the Middle East.

CCN Team engaging delegates at IATA WCS 2013

CCN showcased a range of products and services including eAWB, eFreight and Customs solutions in line with the various WCS tracks that focused on e-Cargo, Logistics, Regulations and Strategy. These solutions are tailor-fitted to the needs of the airfreight industry and are now available for airlines and freight forwarders in the region.


VIETNAM - On 24th to 26th April, CCN participated in the Air Freight Logistics Vietnam, which is jointly organized by Vietnam Logistics Media and Vector Aviation Vietnam. It is the first major international conference for the Vietnam air freight logistics industry.

CCN joins the airlines and agents in Vietnam for the 1st ever international conference for the Vietnam air freight industry.

This first-time event saw an encouraging turnout of executives from the air freight industry. With topics on opportunities and challenges for air freight, there was also roundtable discussion to give further insight into the issues highlighted.

CCN partners with Vector Aviation in Vietnam, to extend and support a network of agents and airlines in the electronic exchange of shipment information. Vector Aviation, a leading aviation services company, offers total solution to the air freight community in Vietnam. With such strong commitment and synergy, the industry can look forward to more services to increase their efficiencies and enjoy greater cost savings.


AUSTRALIA - CCN was pleased to be a supporting sponsor of the AFIF 2013 Conference, held in Canberra from 15th to 17th April. The AFIF Conference is recognised as the premier annual conference for the air cargo industry in Australia, and CCN has been an active supporter of the conference since 2004.

Pictured: Left to Right. Stuart McFarlane (Yusen Air & Sea and Director, AFIF), Scott McCorquodale
(GM, CCN Australia & New Zealand) & Brian Lovell (CEO – AFIF.)

The conference brought together a range of industry specialists from a variety of sectors to cover a multitude of topics relative to our industry. Of particular interest was a presentation from Mr Paul Retter from the Australian Office of Transport Security on their up-coming initiatives to strengthen security arrangements across the air cargo industry. Mr Glyn Hughes, IATA’s Director , Cargo Industry Management, travelled from Geneva to address the conference on cargo agency modernisation and the eAWB initiative.

Numerous other presenters from government authorities and industry informed the industry on a range of relevant issues. Delegates travelled from across Australia (as well as New Zealand) to attend the conference, which concluded with a formal dinner on the Friday evening.



They say, information is power and at this day and age, it definitely is. When you are armed with the information on how your company is faring as a business and against the industry, you will know how much effort should be taken for you to achieve your goal of getting a bigger share of the market.

BPA Screenshot

CCN can empower you with one of its latest product offering - the Business Performance Analytics (BPA). BPA is a dynamic and easy-to-use tool with capabilities to provide richer analysis of your tonnage volume data and compare it with that of the industry.

BPA uses a reliable database to provide you with a comprehensive tonnage research and analysis so you can achieve your business targets and be on top of the airfreight industry. Housed within CCNhub, BPA offers you a more user-friendly interface so that you can quickly access the reports that you require by providing dashboard display and easy filter features.


CCNhub packs in another powerful feature in its portal with Sales*Kit, a function which enables you to MANAGE, COMPARE, and QUOTE airfreight tariffs. No need to skim through several Excel worksheets or files to access and compare your airline rates. Sales*Kit provides you the following capabilities to make it your One Source for all Airfreight Rates.

Sales*Kit Screenshot

Sales*Kit allows you to add and store airline rates which can be searchable by airlines and destinations. The service fees and other special fees in the client quotes can also be incorporated by percentage or fixed fee. It also allows you to access a historical archive of tariffs and surcharges so you can refer to it as needed.

You may choose which airline provides the best tariff by comparing which is the most economic weightbreak tariff, including and excluding surcharges.

The rate can be exported as PDF to generate a client quote to an e-Rate, by using copy/paste for use in Excel or Word.

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