Riding the wave
of digital future in the air freight industry

Cargo Community Network (CCN) continues being the leading provider of cargo solutions for the air freight industry since 1991. Extending our reach globally over the years from our headquarters in Singapore, we have been constantly adapting to the technological advancements and needs for all of our supply chain stakeholders.

With a growing community of over 10,000 user base from airlines, forwarders, ground handlers and more, CCN’s expanding list of solutions has assimilated the growth of businesses by allowing them to focus on what’s important. By helping businesses streamline operations, we help them get better.

Tap into our expertise for solutions that fulfil all your air cargo needs.

web-based community solutions

With integrated web solutions being all the rage in this era of digitalisation, there’s no time to lag behind. Here at Cargo Community Network, we utilise our expertise for all your business needs. Our bespoke digital solutions allow you to achieve business objectives while being at total ease with the web-based integrated systems we provide.