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The air cargo industry has been instrumental in contributing to the global economic trade and continues being crucial in facilitating thousands of business operations across the world. Cargo Community Network provides a leading platform that helps you achieve seamless connectivity to all your supply chain stakeholders – bridging gaps, fostering alliances and driving efficiency all at the same time.

Digitalisation has enabled us to tap on advancements in technology that enables best of breed solutions for data exchanges, cargo management, customs security and screening compliance, business performance analytics and other innovative initiatives. 

Discover our broad selection of solutions and find out how we can help you tip the scales and achieve goals to meet the industry’s challenging landscapes.

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CCN has launched our 1st Loyalty Programme to reward our user community for the continuous support. With every qualified action, you can easily earn CCN Points.

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Here’s how to get started:

Step 1:

Booking Concierge

  • For users without Booking Concierge account – simply create an account
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  • For new users – contact us to create an account
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* List of reward partners will differ, depending on locations – Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines & China

Step 2:

Start using CCN services under this programme2.

CCN Points with be awarded with every qualified action3.

2 CCN Services: Booking Concierge, Booking Queue and TradeNet, with more new services coming your way

3 Qualified action:

  • For Booking Concierge
    1. Use Booking Concierge application in to send bookings
    2. Points will be awarded after booking is ‘CONFIRMED’(refer to ‘Booking Status’)
  • For Booking Queue
    1. Use Booking Queue application in or Booking Request Email to confirm bookings
    2. Points will be awarded after booking is CONFIRMED (refer to ‘Booking Status’)
  • For TradeNet
    1. Submit your permit and points will be awarded

Step 3:

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In the process of moving cargo, many critical data needs to be shared, exchanged and facilitated among the key stakeholders quickly and accurately. 

We manage all data exchanges and translation needs for our customers, whether in IATA industry formats; CargoIMP; Cargo XML; or proprietary formats so that we take the burden out of them in collaborating with their business partners and authorities.  Our data exchanges solution includes the following non-exhaustive list: FFR/FFA, FWB, FHL, FSU, FNA, FMA, FBL, FFM and more.

To achieve higher efficiencies, we re-use data from source. To this end, we facilitate host-to-host integration with customers who already generate data on their own systems through common connections like FTP, SMTP, MQ, Web Services and API.  This eliminates duplicate data entries leading to higher data accuracy, greater convenience that translates to cost savings. Critical responses and information e.g. acknowledgement, error replies and freight statuses, can also be sent to their internal system so that these data will be distributed easily within the organization.

For customers who prefer to use software as a service, we also provide solutions to handle the messaging needs from end-to-end, e.g. FWB creation through our messaging portal; FWB transmission to partner; FWB response handling; and MAWB printing.

Freight Status Updates & Freight Flight Manifest Application

Perfect for airline or ground handling agents who need a hassle-free way to generate and transmit Freight Flight Manifest (FFM) and Freight Status Update (FSU) data.  Our FSU/FFM application requires minimal data-entry and editing, drawing information from booklist and manifest messages received from upstream processes.

eAWB (FWB) and e-Consol Manifest (FHL)

To facilitate operational processes between airlines, agents and ground handling agents, CCNhub allows users to prepare electronic master air waybill data (FWB) for cargo handling across the different stakeholders in the shipment process.

As more countries implement pre-custom requirements, CCNhub also allows users to send electronic consol manifest (FHL) to relevant authorities such as airlines and local customs authorities for pre-custom clearance, with increased data accuracy and minimal clearance delay for your shipments.

One Booking Platform for Air Cargo

CCN’s Booking Concierge application is the one booking platform for Air Cargo.  It allows you to send out booking requests to all airlines, either directly to airlines’ systems or as emails which feature intelligent confirmation by the recipient with a click of a button.

How is CCN’s Booking Concierge different:

  • One platform for bookings with all airlines – Single interface to manage bookings to airlines’ systems, if they are connected through EDI, or to airlines’ emails, if preferred.
  • Flexibility in facilitating booking requests without an AWB no. and even to request for rates and availability information before sending the final booking requests.
  • Real-time dashboard to manage your bookings more efficiently
  • Available online and mobile-friendly as well

As part of CCN’s booking solutions, the Booking Queue application allows the recipient to manage the booking requests they received from forwarders, co-loaders or shippers. 

Instead of replying the requests via emails, this application provides more benefits with a real-time dashboard for prompt actions, reports on booking statistics and other new features, for example, posting flight schedules as well as quotation requests.

This simple-to-use yet comprehensive booking management application, is definitely for anyone who is looking for a hassle-free booking solution that is integrable and scalable with your changing needs.

Register an account online and start exploring Booking Concierge.  If you are interested in Booking Queue, contact us now and we can put something together for you.

Airlines and agents can now effortlessly request and assign neutral Air Waybill stocks through digitalisation, with automatic updating upon a booked shipment. The air waybill stock records can then be created, printed and sent to airlines.

With this, airlines do not need to worry that the AWB no. will be used more than once or used by agents who are not assigned.

With further digitalisation in the air freight industry, we have incorporated eAWB and eFreight processes into our solutions. Especially for eFreight, we have extended our data@source concept to include shippers and this further improves productivity in the end-to-end process. Talk about cost savings and higher efficiency!

Here are some of the key benefits:

  • Fully supports industry eAWB processes e.g. enhanced FWB validations and distribution; cargo receipts
  • Shipper’s data at source and re-use for downline processes e.g. preparation of FWB, local customs permits and more
  • Business process management for eFreight enhancing visibility and transparency among all stakeholders.

Forget the tedious manual record-keeping. With CCN’s Cool Chain application, airlines and ground handling agents can leverage on the system to monitor timings between key milestones for cool-chain shipments relative to pre-defined KPIs. Periodic KPI reports can also be generated for performance review and improvements.

Pre-departure and Pre-arrival security declarations are becoming an integral part of the shipment process. CCN is committed to support forwarders, airlines and ground handlers in managing their compliance needs wherever their shipments are delivered to, reducing worries on penalties and shipment delays.
We know it is tedious to monitor all the shipments destined for various destinations with differing declaration requirements. To simplify monitoring, all security & screening declarations regardless of Customs Territories are presented on an Integrated Customs Dashboard.

CCN’s pre-departure screening suite currently includes US ACAS (Air Cargo Advance Screening).  Key features include:

  • Direct filing to CBP and TSA
  • Active monitoring of airline’s flights and booking records
  • Online monitoring to check clearance status
  • Proactive monitoring for “Hold” shipments

Coming soon will include EU PRECISE (Pre-loading Consignment Information for Secure Entry), UK PREDICT (Pre-Departure Information for Cargo Targeting); and Canada PACT (Pre-load Air Cargo Targeting).

Our sanction screening application helps you monitor shipments through the screening of shippers and consignees against sanctions databases, reducing ambiguity and risks through these key features:

  • Screening of shippers and consignees
  • Get notification alerts
  • Allows users to perform resolution
  • Audit Log
  • Reports

CCN is connected to Singapore Customs for TradeNet Permit declarations for all permits on all modes of transport, including Certificate of Origin (COO) applications.  Besides the user-friendly frontend application for data entry, data can be pre-populated with shippers’ documents e.g. invoice, packing list and others, in EDI, pdf or other proprietary formats. 

How is CCN TradeNet application different:

  • Intelligence Character Recognition – data capture with intelligent optical character recognition (OCR) technology, helps to reduce time and increase efficiency.
  • Quick Consolidation of Items – with a click of the button, you can now easily group multiple items by the Origin Country, Country Currency, HS Code, Goods Description and Invoice number.
  • Full integration with Cargo Manifest Declaration (CMD) – with approved permits, the data can be re-used for CMD filing on air shipment for all imports and exports of Singapore.

With CCN TradeNet, compliance now is more efficient, faster, more accurate and provide a seamless end-to-end process.

Talk to us now on how you can enjoy this one single process for compliance with Singapore Customs.

Our pre-arrival declaration solution covers more than 50 countries simplifying the global customs solution for forwarders and airlines.  We leverage on re-using data to minimize duplicate entries and improve data accuracy, hence minimizing shipment delays and penalties. Key features include:

  • Managing submissions based on flight timings and customs’ requirements
  • Re-using common messages like FFM, FWB and FHL
  • Monitoring customs replies
  • Integrated dashboard to simplify monitoring

All our customers are able to create, store, update, distribute and receive quotations in multiple languages and currencies, while collaborating with their partners through our Manage Rates application.

Enjoy improved efficiency and accuracy with the following features:

  • Prepare and send quotations to your customers based on the rates stored
  • Receive and update rates from your vendors as cost
  • Create selling rates
  • Maintenance of historical quotations
  • Copy quotation
  • Alerts for expiration of cost and quotations
  • Integrated with other applications for billing, invoice verification, reservations & front-end rating

All our customers are able to receive real-time shipment information via FWB, FSU-DEP and FFM. At the same time, while the shipment information is completed in real time, based on the stored rates for Quotations and Costs from the Manage Rates application, the shipment’s charges for billing and costing are also auto computed on a real time basis. The computation logic is maintained in the Rate Engine component within the Auto Rating application. Billing Reports and Costing Reports by a flight date range are also available.

CCN provides live visibility on payment information for all FWBs with a time-saving tool to verify airline invoices for every shipment. Key features include:

  • Rates AWBs and presents all accounting details to the Master Forwarder as soon as FWBs are sent to airlines, including those from their co-loaders.
  • Provides for all rate types including ad-hoc, blocked space, contract and TACT rates leveraging on CCN’s rating engine
  • Supports EPIC, CASS, and other airlines’ proprietary invoice formats

Apart from our standard modes of payment, our customers can now utilize another mode to pay for subscription fees or transactions (where applicable) for our applications via the stored value function.

The EPIC system digitalises the entire payment process, starting with the generation of invoices for any activities (not limited to freight) by airlines to cargo agents, and cargo agents accessing the invoices and subsequently affecting payments to airlines. As a result, you are able to enjoy on-time receiving and immaculate handling of invoices, shorter billing cycles and improved efficiency and productivity

You can benefit from a seamless and secure billing and payment workflow through the web as well as the features below provided by Cargo Community Network.

  • Acceptance of credit and debit notes
  • Acknowledgement of payment service from payers
  • Full Invoice status feedback
  • Dispute Resolution Facilitation

To provide real-time shipment status from departure to arrival at critical points of its journey, CCN developed AXIS, a web-based shipment tracking application. Fulfilling the Cargo IQ CDMP requirements, it serves as a global 24/7 online tracking system for airlines, agents or shippers that yields greater transparency for shipment tracking and eliminates the need for constant monitoring with the following key features:

  • Proactive Tracking
  • User Configurable Milestones
  • CargoIQ Compliant Standards
  • Array of Reporting Functions

To stay on top of business and airfreight trends, CCN offers premium comprehensive analytics and benchmarking capabilities. Discover insights on your businesses vis-à-vis industry with the latest analytics and visualization technologies such as:

  • Up-to-date export and import freight tonnage data
  • Analytics on total industry tonnage and your company tonnage
  • Data breakdown by month, quarter year, country, city, airlines and commodity group
  • Analysis of your airlines/forwarders, shipment type etc.

A dashboard showing real-time performance and gaps in cargo management and operations for anyone who wish to be in control of their cargo business. The system provides visibility to all events and milestones you want to track across the entire network. It triggers alerts based on service level agreements (SLA), event exceptions and lead times. With this control tower view, users can make quicker decisions on the next course of action. The dashboard features multiple widgets, not limited to the following:

  • Shipment operational info such as shipment statuses, key forwarder shipments etc.
  • Shipment management info such as tonnage by flight, revenue by flight etc.
  • Special cargo monitoring
  • Customs monitoring
  • Discrepancy monitoring
  • Thru-transit monitoring


CargoDeals is a ‘Virtual Salesman’ with the right tools to connect buyers and sellers. Through CargoDeals, every sales team is able to prospect sales leads, carry out sales transactions and close sales orders via both the browser and mobile applications.

Here are some of the key benefits:

  • A common platform where all stakeholders like shippers, Co-Loaders, forwarders, airlines, etc. can get on easily to negotiate deals with one another
  • Facilitates local/crossborder sourcing and procurement of logistics services
  • Mobility through smart device applications for both IOS and android users
  • Flexibility in integration with other application such as CCN’s Manage Rates

We understand the diversity of business models and mode of operations, having served myriad of customers with different requirements and needs. Hence, our applications consist of bespoke solutions to cater to your business requirements, factoring in geographical considerations, system localisation and adaptability to each country’s regulations and systems.