New Services

  • Booking Concierge

CCN’s new Booking Concierge is a free-for-all-to-use application that aims to bring you a seamless experience in sending all of your cargo rates and space-booking requests to anyone. It is the EASY, FASTER, BETTER way to get your work done.

Easy and simple to use
Enjoy the ease of adding your contacts’ email addresses and start sending the requests instantaneously. With the easy-to-use interface, just fill up the information with user friendly design and helpful dropdown lists to ensure the information is updated and complete.

Faster to book and get information
The requests will be sent out in a well-organized way that facilitates quicker response from all parties.

Better visibility to manage all your requests and bookings
The real-time interactive dashboard gives you better visibility on any new statuses or updates to your requests and bookings so that you can stay on top of things effortlessly.

The Booking Concierge is only going to get better with more features and capabilities like integrated with rates distribution, space availability, real-time costing and etc. Its dynamic grouping feature allows you to choose who you wish to share and encourage easy collaboration between the users.

Check out the video (here) on how to get started or just head straight to this link to register a new account for you. Try it out today for free!